Oculus Prime | Control Tear Stains Naturally
A black shiny stand up pouch of Oculus Prime by Pure Vet Products, a natural seaweed supplement that controls weeping eyes and tear stains in dogs.
A small and large cardboard tub of Oculus Prime by Pure Vet Products, a natural seaweed supplement that controls weeping eyes and tear stains in dogs. The seaweed in the product is displayed in piles in front of the tubs.

Oculus Prime | Control Tear Stains Naturally

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Prevent Tear Stains with Oculus Prime

Nobody likes to see their best friend with unsightly tear stains and discolouring on their face! That is why we formulated Oculus Prime, a natural blend of brown and red seaweeds that prevents tear stains or your Money Back!! We offer the Money Back Guarantee as there is different causes of tear stains, due to this different solutions work for different dogs, and we do not want to make money from the dogs it does not work on.

No more tears that cause tear stains in dogsAntbiotic and chemical free natural tear stain preventerOculus Prime mixed and milled easy to use powderBlend of red and brown seaweeds, nothing elseFormulated by marine scientistsIrish Flag100% Money Back Guarantee Logo

      • Prevent Tear Stains
      • Available in 150 gram and 300 gram sizes
      • Antibiotic Free | Gluten Free
      • Contains no artificial chemicals or additives
      • A blend of four dried and milled Irish seaweed species
      • 100% Irish: Irish Owned | Irish Operated | Irish Ingredients
      • Money Back Guarantee
      • Shipping is €4.50 worldwide and free for orders over €34
      • 150 Gram Pack lasts 150 days on Maintenance dose
      • Find out Shipping Rates here

Oculus Prime is a unique blend of Irish seaweeds that helps reduce the inflammation in a dog's body that can lead to weeping eyes. With weeping eyes leading to unsightly tear stains it is an issue that many small dog owners would like to control and now they can, with no ill effects to the dog's health; in fact the complete opposite.


An all natural feed addition Oculus Prime is simply added to the dog's feed and works systemically. The tear staining still needs to be cleaned from the dog's face but Oculus Prime reduces the weeping eyes that feed the fungus that forms it. Oculus Prime also provides bioavailable vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers and unique bioactive compounds, that all contribute to a healthy and happy dog.

Taking anything from a  couple of days to 6 weeks to work, Oculus Prime also comes with a unique money back guarantee for dogs that have tear stains from other causes: such as morphological issues, high levels of inflammation, blocked tear ducts etc.

Feeding Instructions

Feeding Recommendation Chart for Oculus Prime

When introducing the Oculus Prime start with a small amount and increase to the recommended amount. If a satisfactory result is not achieved after a few weeks slowly increase the amount. As with any new foods, this should help stop the dog turning their nose up at it and should enable the dog to get used to the naturally occurring iodine. Due to the iodine, Oculus Prime should not be used on the small percentage of dogs that have hyperthyroidism.

Daily Feeding Amount

Dogs should be fed 1 serving of the scoop* per 10 Kilograms of body weight. For example, a 20 kg dog would be given 1 to 2 scoops, mixed thoroughly with food once a day.

Oculus Prime has 150 grams of product in it and will last a small dog 75 days.

If using any other seaweed products in your pet's diet do not exceed a 5% inclusion ratio of seaweed product to total feed.

*Included in this supplement is an easy-to-measure 2-gram scoop.

**This product is not intended to replace any veterinary medication or prescribed diets.

***If a dog is suffering from hyperthyroidism or is on medication for hypothyroidism consult your veterinary practitioner


If you have any questions on this product please get in touch.

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