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Dental Health Articles

Removing Plaque from Your Dog's Teeth: A Step-by-Step Guide

Has your pup's breath been less than fresh lately? It could be a sign of plaque buildup, a sneaky culprit behind many canine dental issues. Our guide will lead you through every step to reclaim your dog's pearly whites from the grip of tartar.


Best Dog Toothpastes

Vets recommend brushing your dog's teeth regularly to help keep their mouth healthy and free of plaque and tartar build-up, bad breath, and possibly other more serious dental issues like periodontal disease.


Why is seaweed good for dog's dental health?

Keeping your dog's teeth clean can be a never-ending battle, one that most pet owners know too well. Seaweed might seem like an odd dental solution, but its natural properties are proving to be a game-changer for canine oral health.