Shipping Policy and Information


  • We ship all of our products WORLDWIDE
  • Free shipping worldwide on orders over > €39
  • Orders are shipped Monday to Friday except on Irish Bank Holidays (which for 2023 are Jan 1st, Feb 6th, Mar 17th, Apr 10th, May 1st, Jun 5th, Aug 7th, Oct 30th, Dec 25th and Dec 26th)
  • Our main fulfilment provider is the Irish postal service using Express Post with tracking. This is the most cost effective option. We also offer courier services which are more expensive but usually quicker with improved tracking capabilities. Our orders have a very high hit rate of arrival and we will resend or refund if your order does not arrive.
  • Please note: Due to increased Customs restrictions worldwide some delays may be experienced.

We use An Post Express for our shipping service. This is a national postal service from Ireland that gives fully tracked deliveries. When you place your order with us, you will receive an order confirmation from Seaweed for Dogs. When the order is fulfilled you will receive a fulfillment email. Within approximately 24 hours you will get a delivery confirmation email from An Post - this will have the tracking details in it. Please check your spam folders for these emails.   

Please note: The tracking with An post is limited and some times it is necessary to visit the postal services website in your own country. By inputting the An Post tracking code into there tracking page you can obtain further information.

Order Process

When you place an order on our website you will be sent an order confirmation email. This will have your order details on it. If the order is placed before 15.00 GMT Monday to Friday then your order will be fulfilled that day, otherwise it will be fulfilled on the next business day.

Once your order is received we process it for delivery. It is then collected by the delivery provider and marked fulfilled. When your order is fulfilled an email will be sent to you. In some cases customers do not receive the email or it goes to spam. We believe this is due to email providers blocking unverified source emails.

24 hours after your fulfillment email you will receive an email from An Post, the delivery provider. This will contain your tracking number. For further information on using your tracking number please see below.

Free Shipping  

All orders valued at €39 or over will not be charged for shipping.

All postal orders worldwide are charged a flat rate of €5.50 for shipping, unless they are entitled to free shipping. Orders are sent using Express post with tracking. Tracking is not detailed when it has left Ireland but more detailed information can be found on the postal website of the country it is being delivered to. Please see specific details for United Kingdom, United States and Canadian customers below: 


We charge a flat rate of CAD $9 for shipments to Canada, with free shipping for any orders over CAD $56. Please note that postal deliveries to Canada are being delayed at this moment in time. This is out of our hands and seems to be an issue with Canadian Post.

For U.S. customers, once your receive your tracking number you can track your order via the An Post service or via Canada Post:

United Kingdom

We charge a flat rate of STG £5 to ship to the UK with free shipping for any orders over STG £35. 

For UK customers, once your receive your tracking number you can track your order via the An Post service or via Royal Mail:

United States of America

We charge a flat rate of USD $6 to ship to the USA with free shipping for any orders over USD $41. 

For U.S. customers, once your receive your tracking number you can track your order via the An Post service or via USPS:


Average Shipping Delivery Times in Business Days


Express Postage 

Avg. Delivery in Working Days

Australia 6 to 8 Days

2 to 3 Days

Belgium 2 to 3 Days
Canada 14 to 28 Days
Croatia 4 to 5 Days
Denmark 2 to 3 Days
Estonia 3 to 4 Days
Finland 2 to 3 Days
France 2 to 3 Days
Germany 2 to 3 Days
Hungary 3 to 4 Days
Iceland 3 to 4 Days
Latvia 3 to 5 Days
Lithuania 3 to 5 Days
Luxembourg 2 to 3 Days
Malta 3 to 5 Days
Poland 3 to 4 Days
New Zealand 6 to 7 Days
Portugal 2 to 3 Days
Singapore 5 to 7 Days
Slovakia 3 to 5 Days
Spain 2 to 3 Days
Sweden 2 to 3 Days
Switzerland 2 to 3 Days
The Netherlands 2 to 3 Days
UK and N.I 2 Days
USA 4 to 5 Days

If you have any queries in relation to our shipping policy, or issues with your order, please get in contact through our chat, by telephone +353 (0) 87 245 4194 or through email