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Money Back Guarantee | Oculus Prime

Seaweed for Dogs Money Back Guarantee is for Oculus Prime. If Oculus Prime does not lead to an improvement in the issues that it targets, then the manufacturer, Pure Pet Products, will give you your money back. 

How does the Money Back Guarantee work?

The Money Back Guarantee is for those rare cases where no improvement is seen in the condition that the blend is targeting. 

Oculus Prime | Money Back Guarantee

For Oculus Prime the following stipulations apply in relation to the Money Back Guarantee:

Proof of Purchase: The customer must have proof of purchase of the Oculus Prime.

Usage: The product must have been used correctly for a minimum of 6 weeks on a daily basis

Photos: Photographic evidence of before and after images should be supplied.

If there is no reduction in the weeping eyes, then this would mean the customer can get there money back. Just ensure that if you are judging it by the amount of tear staining then you need to clean the existing tear staining off. If you have any questions in relation to the above, or  are not happy but unable to fill the above criteria, then please get in contact.