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Canident FAQ

How long until I notice an improvement in my dogs dental health?

Though improvements are often seen sooner, please wait 8 – 15 weeks. If there is still no signs of improvement it is likely that there is no abrasive action to remove the loosened plaque and tartar. Please read our article on “Natural teeth scrapers for dogs” to assist in this.

Do I mix Canident through my dogs food?

Yes. Canident is a natural feed supplement and should be eaten with their feed. Sprinkle it on top of the feed and then mix it thoroughly through. This can be done with both feeds of the day or with only one but be sure to follow the recommended daily feeding amount recommendation.

The Canident is sinking to the bottom of the food bowl and the dog is not eating it?

If this is occurring then sprinkle a tiny amount of water over the feed to enable the Canident to stick to it when it is sprinkled on top. Then mix it through their feed like normal.

My dogs teeth are already clean, do I need to use Canident?

Canident has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties along with a host of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, so it is still beneficial to a dogs health. However if your dogs teeth are already clean then it is not necessary to use Canident. However you may be interested in our premium product BioFunction-8, that is specially formulated to include a wide range of the unique bio-active compounds that seaweeds have to offer. It encourages beneficial bacteria to thrive in a dogs gut, which can lead to many beneficial side effects.