How to Keep a Dog's Mouth Healthy

A small dog wearing a pink knitted hat is seen licking from an orange feeding mat with different textures, next to a can of 'CANIDENT' which is labeled as containing brown seaweeds with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, suggesting the product's use for promoting dental health in dogs.

Keeping your dogs mouth clean and healthy is very important. Beyond looking dirty and often smelling bad it can lead to gum disease and this is something you want to avoid. None of us like the dentist and neither do dogs!! At the dentist they will likely be given a general anaesthetic – which in dogs is no small thing. So here’s a quick five step plan to keep that mouth nice and healthy.

It’s important to add that these tips go beyond all the “masks” out there, such as treats with mint or eucalyptus which are akin to putting a nice smelling plaster on gangrene, or dental sticks, which aside from not working contain ingredients we recommend you do not feed to dogs (wheat, gluten, salt, sugar and a number of nasty chemicals). There are better, healthier, more permanent ways. These are written in order of importance and in order of which you should consider.

Ways to keep a Dogs mouth healthy

Close-up of a tricolor dog with focused, amber eyes chewing on a large, meaty bone while lying on the grass, exemplifying a natural and engaging approach to canine dental health.

Feed Good Food

Don’t feed dry, pelleted food. It’s full of carbs (sugar) and gunk that sticks to their teeth and fuels bacterial growth. Feed them a nice, biologically appropriate diet of fresh meat or a dry food that does not contain carbohydrates

Cut out Unhealthy Treats

The bad news is that there are no pet or vet store treats that really work to clean your dogs teeth or freshen their breath. We are all tempted now and again to give our little buddies something we really know they shouldn’t (such as a sugary biscuit), but you need to cut this out, certainly for the moment while he is being cleaned up. And no more fruit. It’s all sugar and they can’t clean it off their teeth. Bits of veg are fine, but dog’s do not need too much of that in their diet either. Ideally give dried meat as treats.

Feed Raw Meaty Bones (RMB’s)

RMB’s are like a dog’s toothbrush. Feed them twice a week. They love ’em, but make sure to find out more in our article on Feeding Raw Meaty Bones.

Use Canident

If you have a very stubborn issue which the above steps have not alleviated or if you need the issue sorted quickly, then you might need something extra. In this respect we strongly recommend you give Canident a try, for the simple reason that it works. Canident helps to reduce tartar and halitosis (bad breath) in 4 - 15 weeks, most certainly if the above three steps are being adhered to. We are so sure we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results.

Promotional banner for 'CANIDENT', featuring a stylized logo of a dog silhouette with the product name in bold lettering. Adjacent to the logo is an image of the product packaging with a happy dog photo, and bullet points highlighting the benefits: Reduce tartar, Improve gum health, and Freshen breath, set against a blue patterned background.

Use a Brush

Despite your best efforts there will be some hard to reach spots that resist the rub of a bone or abrasion. For this some people swear by a doggy toothbrush.

An attentive and curious brown and white terrier dog getting its teeth brushed by a person in a white coat, symbolizing pet dental care and the importance of maintaining oral hygiene for dogs.