Product Review: Natural Dental Chews For Your Dog's Dental Health

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Product Review: Natural Dental Chews For Your Dog's Dental Health  

Struggling to keep your dog's teeth clean? It's a common challenge for pet parents everywhere. This article will unveil the top 10 natural dental chews that promote your furry friend’s dental health, which are both safe and beneficial.

What are dental chews and how they work  

This image is an infographic detailing the areas of a dog’s mouth prone to plaque buildup. On the left, a list of key points reads: “Incisors need extra brushing, as they miss out on bone-cleaning action. Plaque loves to linger along the gumline. Molars and premolars trap food, so plaque builds up. Behind the canines are plaque hotspots.” On the right, a diagram of a dog’s mouth is displayed with labeled parts: Incisors, Canines, Premolars, and Molars, on both the upper and lower jaws. The areas prone to plaque are highlighted. The background is white, with black text and colorful illustrations to distinguish each tooth type. The infographic is informative and visually guides pet owners on where to focus dental care efforts.

Dental chews are designed to help keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. They work by encouraging chewing, which helps to mechanically remove debris from the teeth and gums. There are various types of dental chews available, including meat-based, vegetable-based, and those made with natural ingredients.

Benefits of dental chews  

Dental chews play a crucial role in maintaining your dog's oral health. They are specifically designed to reduce plaque and tartar buildup, which can lead to gum disease if not addressed. Chewing promotes the production of saliva that helps wash away food particles and bacteria from the teeth and gums. This natural cleaning process is essential for preventing bad breath. Choosing natural dental chews, like raw bones or Himalayan yak chews, often brings additional advantages. These treats may have fewer additives compared to their non-natural counterparts, making them a safer option for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Not only do they keep your pup's mouth clean, but they also provide an enjoyable activity that satisfies their instinctive urge to chew.

Types of dental chews (meat-based, vegetable-based, natural ingredients)  

image shows a selection of chews available for dogs including coconut oil chews, raw bones, Himalayan yak chews, chicken feet, rawhide, antlers, fish skin chews, bully sticks

Understanding the benefits of dental chews leads us to explore the various types available. Dog owners can choose from meat-based, vegetable-based, or chews made with other natural ingredients to best suit their pet's needs.

  • Meat-based chews such as Bully Sticks offer a high-protein treat that satisfies your dog's chewing instinct while helping to clean their teeth. These dense and durable chews are made from free-range, grass-fed cattle.

  • Antlers, another popular meat-based option, provide a long-lasting chew that dogs love. They help scrape away tartar build-up without breaking down too quickly.

  • Fish Skin Chews contain omega fatty acids, which promote healthy skin and coats in addition to dental health. These rough-textured treats effectively remove plaque as your dog gnaws on them.

  • Vegetable - based options include treats like Coconut Oil Chews that use the natural abrasive quality of coconut fiber to clean teeth while also freshening breath.

  • Natural ingredient chews often come in unique forms such as Chicken feet. These not only intrigue dogs with their shape but also contain naturally occurring glucosamine for joint health.

  • Venison Jerky Strips serve as a lean protein source that doubles as an effective cleaner for canine teeth due to their tough texture.

  • For those interested in traditional choices, Rawhide is still a go-to for many pet parents. It's important to select all-natural rawhide to ensure it's safe and digestible for your dog.

  • Pig Ears are rich in flavor and have a chewy texture that dogs adore, contributing to both oral health and overall satisfaction during their chewing sessions.

A review of the top 10 natural dental chews for dogs  

Keeping your dog's teeth clean is vital for their overall health. Natural dental chews can help reduce plaque and freshen your pup's breath. Here are the top ten you should consider:

  1. Raw Bones - Offer uncooked bones to scrape away tartar and massage gums, but choose appropriate sizes to prevent choking.

  1. Antlers - These long-lasting chews work well for vigorous chewers, grinding down slowly as your dog gnaws away plaque.

  1. Bully Sticks - Made from beef muscle, these chews are tasty and their abrasive texture helps in cleaning teeth as dogs chew on them.

  1. Fish Skin Chews - High in omega-3 fatty acids, they not only promote dental health but also improve your dog's skin and coat.

  1. Himalayan Yak Chews - Derived from yak milk, these hard chews take time to soften, providing prolonged cleaning action for your dog’s teeth.

  1. Rawhide - This classic favorite comes from the inner layer of cow or horse hides and can entertain dogs for hours while removing mouth debris.

  1. Coconut Oil Chews - Infused with the benefits of coconut oil, these treats support healthy gums and a sparkling canine smile.

  1. Pig Ears - Rich in flavor, pig ears are softer than bones or antlers making them easier to digest while still helping to brush away plaque.

  1. Venison Jerky Strips - Lean and nutritious, these strips of dried venison provide a healthy chew that helps keep teeth clean without added fat.

  1. Chicken Feet - A crunchy treat that serves as a natural toothbrush due to its texture that helps in scraping off dental buildup as dogs crunch through them.

Raw bones 

A raw meaty bone, a natural canine treat, suitable for a dog's diet. 

Raw bones, like beef or lamb bones, are a natural and instinctual chew for dogs. Chewing on raw bones can help to keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy by removing plaque and tartar. Additionally, the act of gnawing on raw bones provides mental stimulation and satisfies your dog's natural urge to chew. It is important to supervise your dog while they enjoy a raw bone to prevent choking or any potential injury. Feeding your dog raw bones can also provide essential nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, which contribute to overall dental health. When choosing raw bones for your dog, opt for larger pieces that cannot be swallowed whole and avoid cooked bones as they may splinter. Always ensure that the bone size is appropriate for your dog's breed and chewing habits.


A deer antler, a durable and natural chew for dogs, providing dental benefits and entertainment.

Moving on to another natural dental chew option, antlers are a great choice for dogs who love to gnaw. Antlers are durable and long-lasting, providing hours of chewing time for your pup. These chews also contain essential nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, which can contribute to your dog's overall dental health. Additionally, antlers are low in fat and do not leave a mess or residue behind like some other chew options. Antler chews come in various shapes and sizes, catering to different breeds and chewing preferences. It's important to choose the right size of antler for your dog to ensure safe chewing and minimize the risk of splintering. When introducing antlers to your dog, monitor their chewing closely at first to ensure they are handling it well.

Bully sticks  

Bully sticks, a popular dog chew, known for their taste and dental benefits.

Bully sticks are natural, single-ingredient dog chews made from high-protein beef muscle. Dogs love their taste and texture. These long-lasting chews help promote healthy teeth and gums while providing an enjoyable chewing experience for your furry friend. High in protein and low in fat, bully sticks are a great choice for dogs of all ages and sizes. They're also free from additives and preservatives, making them a wholesome option for your pet's dental health.

Fish skin chews 

 Fish skin chews, a natural and nutritious dog treat, promoting dental health and a shiny coat.

These natural dental chews are an excellent alternative for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fish skin chews not only help promote healthy teeth and gums but also contribute to a shiny coat and overall well-being. As a low-calorie option, they are suitable for all sizes of dogs and provide a satisfying chew while supporting dental health. Encouraging your dog's chewing instincts, fish skin chews effectively reduce plaque buildup and freshen breath without the risk of splintering or causing digestive issues. Continuing on the path of natural dental care for your dog, introducing them to fish skin chews can be a beneficial addition to their oral hygiene routine. Fish skin chews may have a strong odour and some dogs might be allergic to fish and fish products.  

Himalayan yak chews  

Himalayan Yak chews, a long-lasting and natural dog chew, ideal for dental health and canine entertainment.

Himalayan yak chews are natural, long-lasting dog chews made from a mix of yak and cow milk. The hard texture helps to scrape off plaque and tartar while your dog chews, promoting dental health. These chews are free from artificial preservatives or chemicals, making them a safe and healthy option for your pet. Himalayan yak chews also provide essential minerals like calcium and protein, supporting overall canine wellness. These chews are suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds, providing an enjoyable chewing experience that can keep them entertained for extended periods. When giving these chews to your dog, it's important to monitor their chew time to prevent any potential choking hazards or overconsumption. While being a great dental aid, these natural treats offer a tasty alternative to standard rawhide or synthetic dental chews.


A rawhide bone, a classic dog chew, favored for its durability and dental benefits.

Rawhide chews are made from the inner layer of cow or horse hides, providing a tough texture that encourages chewing. Dogs enjoy gnawing on rawhide, and it can help scrape away plaque and tartar buildup on their teeth. However, it's essential to monitor your dog while they chew rawhide to prevent choking or swallowing large pieces. When choosing rawhide for your dog, select size-appropriate options and ensure they are made from natural ingredients without added chemicals. It's also crucial to buy high-quality rawhide chews to minimize the risk of contamination. Always supervise your pet when giving them rawhide treats to promote safe chewing habits. Moving forward, let's explore another natural dental chew option for dogs:

Coconut oil chews  

Coconut oil chews, a natural canine treat infused with coconut oil, supporting gum health and a sparkling smile.

While rawhide chews are popular, some dog owners prefer a natural alternative. Coconut oil chews are increasingly favored for their dental benefits and overall health advantages. Dogs enjoy the taste of coconut oil, making it an appealing option for maintaining their dental hygiene. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil can help control plaque and bad breath in dogs, promoting healthier gums and teeth. Additionally, coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that can contribute to a shiny coat and improved digestion in dogs. Some dogs may experience stomach upset, if consumed excessively, coconut products can also be quite high in calories.

Pig ears  

Pig ears, a popular natural dog chew, offering an enjoyable chewing experience and dental benefits.

Pig ears are a popular natural dental chew for dogs. They offer a satisfying chewing experience, promoting dental health and reducing plaque buildup. Pig ears are rich in protein and low in fat, making them a healthy snack option for your furry friend. However, it's important to monitor your dog while they enjoy pig ears to prevent choking hazards or overconsumption. Additionally, always purchase high-quality, natural pig ears from reputable sources to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet. Choosing pig ears as a natural dental chew can provide an enjoyable and beneficial oral hygiene solution for your dog. Regularly offering this treat can help maintain your dog’s dental health while keeping them entertained with a tasty reward.

Venison jerky strips  

Venison jerky strips, lean and nutritious dog treats, ideal for teeth cleaning and gum stimulation.

Venison jerky strips are a natural dental chew option for dogs, packed with protein and low in fat. They can be a little more expensive than other chew but dogs do seem to enjoy the savory taste while getting the added benefit of teeth cleaning and gum stimulation. It's important to check the ingredients and purchase strips that are made from high-quality ingredients, free from artificial additives or preservatives. The chewy texture helps remove plaque and tartar buildup, promoting better oral health and fresher breath. Dog owners looking for grain-free dental chews rich in nutrients can consider venison jerky strips as an alternative to traditional rawhide treats. With their natural appeal and beneficial attributes, these strips make a great addition to your dog's dental care regimen while satisfying their cravings for a wholesome snack.

Chicken feet  

Chicken feet, a natural dog chew rich in collagen, promoting joint health and dental well-being

One natural dental chew option for dogs is chicken feet. Chicken feet are rich in natural collagen, which can help support joint health and improve skin and coat condition. They also provide a good teeth-cleaning workout for your dog as they gnaw on the tough, sinewy texture of the feet. Chicken feet are high in protein and low in fat, making them a healthy alternative to traditional dog treats. This natural chew option can keep your dog entertained while promoting dental health and providing essential nutrients. It is important to monitor your dog as there can be a small rish of choking, especially for smaller dogs

What to look for in natural dental chews  

When choosing natural dental chews for your dog, make sure to consider the size, consistency, and calorie content to ensure they are safe and beneficial for your pet's dental health.


When choosing natural dental chews for your dog, consider the size carefully. Opt for chews that are appropriate for your dog's breed and size to ensure safe chewing. Larger breeds may require bigger chews to accommodate their jaw strength, while smaller dogs should have smaller chews that they can comfortably handle. Always supervise your dog when giving them a dental chew to prevent choking hazards or ingestion of large chunks. Choosing the right size ensures that the dental chew is effective and safe for your furry friend's oral health.


When choosing natural dental chews for your dog, consider their consistency. Opt for chews that are firm and durable to promote prolonged chewing, helping to remove plaque and tartar from your dog's teeth. Consistency also influences the safety of the chew and how long it lasts, ensuring your dog can enjoy the dental benefits without compromising on quality.


When selecting natural dental chews for your dog, it's important to consider the calorie content. Different chews have varying calorie levels, so be mindful of your dog's dietary needs. Opt for low-calorie options if your pup is on a restricted diet to maintain their overall health and weight. Keep an eye on the portion sizes and frequency of giving dental chews to ensure that they fit within your dog's daily caloric intake.

Consider consulting with your veterinarian to determine the ideal calorie range for your dog based on their breed, size, and activity level. By being conscious of the calorie content in natural dental chews, you can contribute to maintaining a balanced diet for your furry friend while promoting excellent dental health.

Conclusion: the importance of regular dental care for dogs  

In summary, regular dental care for dogs plays a crucial role in maintaining their overall health. Natural dental chews are an excellent way to promote healthy teeth and gums in your furry friend. Choosing the right natural dental chew based on size, consistency, and calories is essential for your dog's oral well-being. Introducing these top 10 natural dental chews into your dog's routine can significantly contribute to their dental health.  

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