Stoolrite, stool former for dogs, tub.
A pouch of Stoolrite the natural seaweed stool former for dogs

Stoolrite | Natural Stool Former for Dogs | Seaweed For Dogs

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Stoolrite consists of a single variety of seaweed that is high in fibre, both soluble and insoluble. When added do a dogs' daily feed it helps to firm up stools which should assist with anal gland issues and the flow of waste. As Stoolrite has both soluble and insoluble fibres, it can also help with diarrhoea by slowing down the passage of matter.

Stoolrite can help do the following

  • Ease constipation
  • Assist anal gland issues
  • Relieve symptoms of diarrhoea
  • Natural source of gluten free fibre
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Mix thoroughly through food and wetten if required.

Stoolrite Feeding Recommendation

  • Small Dog: 1 level teaspoon
  • Medium Dog: 2 level teaspoons
  • Large Dog: 3 level teaspoons

Available from Seaweed For Dogs in the 150 gram pouch or tub and shipped worldwide.