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About Us

What Seaweed For Dogs do

Seaweed For Dogs sell products with seaweed in them for dogs. Seaweed is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as unique bio-active compounds that go beyond mere nutritional benefits. Our products use different seaweeds to introduce some of these benefits into dogs diets. We sell supplements and treats, enabling the customer to choose which way to introduce the seaweed into a dogs diet.

With many dogs suffering from a range of health problems we hope to help alleviate some of these in a way that is healthy to the dog and easy on the owner!

Where we are based

Based in Ireland we have been in business since 2012, under a range of website names until finally settling on Seaweed For Dogs! Straight to the point.

In this time we have shipped products to customers throughout the world and aim to increase that into the future.

How to contact Seaweed For Dogs

If you wish to contact us you can through any of the below methods:



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