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Seaweed For Dogs Testimonials

Canident Testimonials

The 3 Woofeteers Facebook Post on September 15th 2017

Nellies Nibbles Facebook Post on September 29th 2017

Mr Slobberchops Facebook Post

Before and after image  of Dogs teeth, showing the benefits of using Canident. From Leisha McDonald

Canident Facebook Post on 3rd March 2017

Before and after image  of Dogs teeth, showing the benefits of using Canident

Dogs First Facebook Post on March 23rd 2017


so far my dogs teeth are no worse than when the vet saw them last year which is a relief. Ive not completed a full packet between the 2 dogs yet so its early days, but it does have an almost instant effect on the breath which is great! the dogs breath smells of seawead, reminds me of being on the beach and shows how pure the product is. Wondering what it would be like as a facepack for me.


Think it's a good supplement. delivery, as always, excellent/

this takes a little while

this takes a little while to kick in but definitely works thanks

Worked for my dog

My dog has always had problems with his teeth and this seems to have made a difference 

Natural for clean teeth

Canident was recommended to me and decided to try as my dog is prone to plaque problems. Have not been using it long so unable to comment on how well it works, obviously not an overnight fix. I add a very small amount, so the pack will last ages, to all my dogs meals and he happily eats all his food so must taste ok.

Clara D. on Jun 26, 2017

Fangs a bunch

Hey guys, My pack come to this product with no existing dental problems - as I want to keep them this way I started them on this. Easy to give, dogs don't object to it. Next group check up is Nov so will see if vet comments on their pearly whites then.


I feed all my dogs Canident and it is brilliant. Feed for 6 weeks and the rub the tarter off or give them a bone to chew.

Seaweed for dogs

Think it's a good supplement.

Yorkie Breath

there breath is soo much better, sometimes it is hard to get them to eat it

Clean Teeth

I was very skeptical about the claims of this product but I was amazed to find it really does works. After about 4 weeks you can rub the tarter off the dogs teeth. Amazing product.

Great Service Great Product

My Greyhound has serious dental problems and has to have. annual dental cleaning at the vets. I inherited this when I adopted him, he has permanent foul breath and has numerous prescriptions of antibiotics for gingivitis. If I brush his teeth his gums bleed. I am on my second pack of Canident and the improvement is amazing, no bad breath, his teeth look whiter, he hates having his teeth brushed but it is so much easier, I highly recommend this product, despite numerous purchases of other products to get rid of plaque, this has definitely been the best, he is much happier too. Brilliant product a huge thank you from Henry and his human

Excellent service

My Greyhound has a long history of gingivitis and dental problems, It is early days yet I am only half way through the first package and I suspect I will need more than one, I love the fact it is a natural product, he accepts it in his food without problem, great customer service and information on the product, I guiess its a case of watch this space.

Canident Meat Treats Testimonials

Candident meat treats

Excellent product and excellent service. It is making a huge difference to my dog's dental health. Thank you! 

Oculus Prime Testimonials

Great stuff

The product is great would recommend it to anyone, in fact a few of my friends are now using it as they have seen such great results with my dog.