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Seaweed For Dogs

Canident | Clean Dogs Teeth Naturally


Help to keep your dog's teeth clean, naturally with Canident

  • Plaque and Tartar Control       
  • Reduce Gingival Inflammation
  • Bad Breath Control                                         
  • Avoid Periodontal Disease                             
  • Naturally Organic, Sustainably Harvested, Wild Irish Atlantic Seaweeds             
  • Made in Ireland

For more information check out our Canident leaflet here.

How Canident can help keep teeth clean

Canident cleans dogs teeth naturally. By loosening tartar and plaque, it enables them to be removed by the chewing of a fresh bone or an abrasive action. This helps to prevent a build-up of calculus, gum inflammation, periodontal disease and bad dogs breath. Canident, an easy to use natural seaweed feed supplement, works systemically through a dogs saliva keeping your dog healthy from within.

Apart from keeping teeth clean and freshening breath, it is also an excellent nutritional supplement and antioxidant, a welcome addition to any dogs diet.

Feeding Instructions

If your dog has never previously eaten seaweed, commence feeding with a small amount and gradually increase the quantity, until the feeding recommendation is achieved. If Canident is not having a positive effect after a couple of months, then increase the amount being fed until desirable results are reached. For any questions about this product, you can contact us at info[at]

Cartoon image of a dog bowl with Canident sprinkles falling into it and sprinkle on every meal in text belowCanident for dogs teeth, use for 12 to 15 weeksCartoon image of a bone with "Add abrasion (bones etc." written underneath it

Daily Feeding Amount

Dogs should be fed 0.5 to 1 serving of the scoop* per 10 Kilograms of body weight. For example, a 20 kg dog would be given 1 to 2 scoops, mixed thoroughly with food once a day.

If using any other seaweed products in your pets diet do not exceed a 5% inclusion ratio of seaweed product to total feed.

*Included in this supplement is an easy-to-measure 2-gram scoop.

**This product is not intended to replace any veterinary medication or prescribed diets.

***If a dog is suffering from hyperthyroidism or is on medication for hypothyroidism consult your veterinary practitioner

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