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Seaweed For Dogs

AC4 | To assist in the fight against cancer


AC4 is a blend of three Irish brown seaweeds and an Irish red seaweed. The seaweeds in this blend have been chosen specifically due to the anti-cancerous potential shown in them by scientific studies.

With unique bioactive molecules, such as Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin, being present in AC4, it is an excellent addition in almost any dogs diet (the notable exception being the low amounts of dogs with hyperthyoridism, as AC4 contains iodine).

  • Contains Unique Bioactive Compounds
  • A Blend of Brown and Red Irish Seaweeds
  • Easy to Use Feed Addition
  • Free International Shipping for Orders over €50


The bioactive compound Fucoidan is a natural sulfated polysaccharide mainly found in the cell wall matrix of various species of brown seaweed such as kombu, bladderwrack and wakame. The anti-cancer property of fucoidan has been demonstrated in vivo and in vitro in different types of cancers. However, it has been rarely investigated for its anti-cancer properties in clinical trials. Fucoidan mediates its activity through various mechanisms such as induction of cell cycle arrest, apoptosis and immune system activation. Additional activities of fucoidan have been reported that may be linked to the observed anti-cancer properties and these include induction of inflammation through immune system, oxidative stress and stem cell mobilisation.


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